Wing Tip

Story Telling

(Venezia present-day)

First: Some history

Between 350 and 550 A.D., Aquileia, the elegant Roman provincial capital of Veneto, was repeatedly sacked by barbarians from the north. The survivors moved to islands deep in the Venetian Lagoon centered at Torcello. Torcello swelled to a population of twenty thousand and was the main city of the area until Venice was created less than ten kilometers south. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Socially the nineteen twenties and thirties bohemia world influenced the nineteen fifties beatniks - who,  in turn, had a  profound effect on the hippies of the sixties. From Hippie to yippies to today's mainstream society, - this social chain is commonly accepted as a major US cultural movement. Where this chain was fused, link by link, was aboard the retired
ferryboat "Vallejo".

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